Welcome to the Wallowa Lake Lodge Blog!

First, welcome to the Wallowa Lake Lodge blog!  We want to keep you in the loop about the new things happening at the Lodge, and in Wallowa County.  We'll write about Lodge events, of course, but there's a lot going on up here in The County.  We want to share it with you in pictures and words, so you can be part of our Lodge community.

The lodge in early February.

The lodge in early February.

It's the middle of winter here. And what a winter! The temperature tonight is twelve degrees—warm by comparison with the 10-below zero of a week ago. Wallowa Lake's thick cover of ice allows folks to hike out hundreds of feet from shore. No ice-skating yet.  But some dedicated people have been ice-fishing.  Two feet of fluffy white swaddles the Lodge's lawn. And the fountain is a blue mountain of ice, almost 20 feet tall.

Quiet settles in at the head of the lake this time of year. Businesses are dormant. Visitors are rare. Even the deer have vanished.  Long nights offer time for contemplation.  Here in Chief Joseph Mountain's shadow, days are especially short.

But all is not gloom. It's mating season for great horned owls. Their soft night-time calls filter through the fir and pines, reminding us that new life and spring are not that far away. The bald eagles are also having romantic thoughts. We are looking forward to their mating flights in early February.

Wallowa Lake Lodge is planning new things, too.  The new computer-based registration system arrived! Until now, Lodge registrations were made—and kept—in the same way—and on the same file-cards, in the same file-drawers—that they had been for the past 94 years.  Now this almost-century-old hotel is moving into the 21st century, at least in one respect.  We are still old-fashioned in many others, from providing a warm welcome to our guests, to ensuring their comfort throughout their stay.

We hope you visit our blog often. And us, too.