2018 Lodge Management Board Election

You may vote for up to 9 of the X candidates for the Lodge Management Board. Voting for less than 9 candidates is fine, but voting for 10 or more candidates will invalidate your ballot.

The 9 candidates with the most votes will be elected. This election will also implement term limits and staggered terms. Of the 9 elected candidates: the 3 with the most votes will receive 3-year terms, the 3 with the fewest votes will receive 1-year terms, and the middle 3 will receive 2-year terms. Any tie situations will be resolved by coin toss. In future elections, all terms will be for 3 years.

Candidate biographies can be reviewed by clicking HERE. [not implemented in this mock-up]


Before you click the "Show me my ballot" link below, have the personal 6-digit election code that we sent you ready. The 6-digit election code is used to verify that you are an investor qualified to vote. It is also used to determine how many shares you own (which is also the number of votes you contribute to each candidate you vote for), but it is not used to identify you.

After you click the "Show me my ballot" link, enter your personal 6-digit election code and mark your choices for election to the Lodge Management Board. Then, click the ballot's SUBMIT button.

Show me my Ballot